MyTeam is much improved in 2K20, however if there's one gripe I have with the mode, it concerns the amount of players given the top-rated cards. I'm not talking about lovers, I'm referring to MT 2K20 players like J.R. Smith getting Pink Diamond cards and the 1973 version of Wilt Chamberlain becoming one of five Galaxy Opals.The five GOs need to honor the five greatest players ever.

Everyone else--such as Moments cards--shouldn't be any higher than a Diamond.Almost every other sports movie game collector manner has removed contracts. I can not understand why 2K is still holding on to them.The hands rating in NBA 2K isn't being executed properly. It is supposed to influence how well a participant makes tough catches and dives for loose balls. Instead, it appears as though it's being used to jack participant ratings for guys with contributions that are significant, even if their hands ratings don't make much sense.

There should be a badge which recognizes and implements a significant man's capacity to stay with a guard for two dribbles after a switch.

Adding these two badges would increase the amount of strategy in the match in every mode, and even in the NBA 2K League.I really enjoyed LeBron James Path to Greatness in NBA 2K14 and the Jordan Challenge Modes at NBA 2K11 and 12. Bringing back a style like that dedicated to another NBA legend annually would only make the 2K treasure chest more valuable. 2K could do a much better job upgrading player likenesses, although this is a difficult one to keep tabs on. Most importantly, it should upgrade. Occasionally they can't obtain entry to re-scan a participant, but I think most 2K fans would be OK with a non-scanned leave if the hair were more accurate.

It looks as if 2K might eventually be including the WNBA in their NBA 2K franchise. Atlanta Dream guard Renee Montgomery was scanned for the game and she posted pictures and Twitter.There is no context included in Montgomery's tweet, however you can clearly see she's at a 2K scanning booth. I have seen this technology firsthand and stood inside one so I can confirm it's legit. It also makes sense since the inclusion of females and the WNBA specifically is a natural progression to the franchise.

I can tell you for sure that the inclusion of females at The Neighborhood and at the sport overall was something shared in 2K for decades Buy NBA 2K MT Coins, but as of today, the ladies hadn't been included as playable characters. Obviously, women have been playing for years, but drawing this sort of relationship is more purposeful and impacting.